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2018 Graduate Student Showcase Award Winners

Showcase attendees view graduate work


Cash prizes totaling $12,950.

Presidential Scholar in the Performing and Visual Art (Sponsored by the Office of the President) $500

Lisa Roggenbuck, Visual Arts

Presidential Scholar in Research, Scholarship and Entrepreneurship (Sponsored by the Office of the President) $500

AuraLea Fain, Kinesiology

Division of Research and Economic Development Awards (Sponsored by the Vice President of Research’s Office) $375 each

Madison Krentz, Mechanical Engineering
Ashley Poppe, Chemistry
Stephen Thomas, Materials Science and Engineering
Victoria Volk, Materials Science and Engineering

Graduate College Scholars (Sponsored by the Graduate College) $350 each

Roohollah Amiri, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bahareh Badamchi, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ryan Hall, Music Education
Kody Johnson, Civil Engineering
Nishatul Majid, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Teague Scott, Raptor Biology

Diversity and Inclusivity Award (Sponsored by the Institute of STEM and Diversity Initiatives) $250

April Johnston, Curriculum and Instruction

Global Impact Award (Sponsored by the Center for Global Education) $250

Connor Sheldon, Business Administration

Student Success Awards (Sponsored by the Vice President of Student Affairs’ Office) $250 each

Jordy LePiane, Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning
Julia Broderick, Communication

Sustainable Energy Award (Sponsored by the CAES Energy Efficiency Research Institute) $250

Eldar Sakebaev, Business Administration

College-Sponsored Awards

College of Innovation and Design Awards, $250 each

Stephanie Hudson, Biomolecular Sciences
Tara Easter, Biology

College of Arts and Sciences Awards, $250

Jacob Anderson, Geophysics
Maranda Cantrell, Biomolecular Sciences
Giovan Cholico, Biomolecular Sciences
Caitlin Davis, Raptor Biology
Jonas Frankel-Bricker, Biology
Caitlin Harris, Visual Arts
Jackie Olson, Creative Writing
Nicholas Pollock, Geosciences

College of Business and Economics Awards, $150 each

Sierra Morris, Business Administration
Elena Tomorowitz, Business Administration

College of Education Awards, $250 each

Cathy Howlett, Curriculum and Instruction
Molly Moran, Counselor Education
Jessica Nelson, Curriculum and Instruction
Katie Paulding, Curriculum and Instruction
Sherise Porchia, Counselor Education
Keveny Rosier, Curriculum and Instruction
Jadelyn Thompson, Education, Literacy
Kim Tucker, Curriculum and Instruction

College of Engineering, College-wide Awards, $200 each

Luka Daoud, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Megan Kennedy, Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning
Armen Kvryan, Materials Science and Engineering

College of Engineering, Departmental Awards, $150

Md Touhidul Islam, Civil Engineering
Rezvan Joshaghani, Computer Science
Mojtaba Ahmadi Almasi, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kevin Vallejo, Materials Science and Engineering
Derek Nesbitt, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering
Danielle Patterson, Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning

College of Health Sciences Awards, $100 each

Nick Lobb, Kinesiology
Isaias Zerufael, Kinesiology
Jess Jensen, Social Work

School of Public Service Awards, $250 each

Kimberly Gardner, Public Policy and Administration
Lauren Golden, Public Policy and Administration