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Deadlines and Dates and Events, Oh My!

This is the time of the semester when deadlines and important dates can sneak up on graduate students. Here is a list of upcoming dates and events for you to be aware of!

  • March 1    –   Last day to submit proposals for Graduate Student Showcase and Three Minute Thesis                            Competition
  • March 3    –   Recommended last day for final oral dissertation, thesis, or project defense
  • March 7   –   Dean’s Discussion*
  • March 17 –   Last day to submit advisor-approved version of dissertation or thesis with signed Final                              Reading Approval and Access Agreement for a thesis or dissertation
  • April 3      –   Graduate Student Showcase
  • April 11     –   3 Minute Thesis Competition

*Dean’s Discussion will be on Tuesday, March 7th at 3 pm in the Farnsworth Room in the Student Union Building. This is your chance to hear from Dean Vacha-Haase directly and speak with her about relevant grad student issues. The topic of this discussion is Mentoring and Advising: Being an Informed Consumer.       Bonus – refreshments will be provided!

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