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Bronco Finish Line

Whether you are just starting graduate school or are smack dab in the middle of it, there is never a wrong time to brush up on your writing skills. Knowing this, we at the Graduate College present to you… Bronco Finish Line! This is a new program we designed to help Boise State graduate students sharpen their writing skills, create dynamic papers and projects, and increase the overall quality of graduate writing at Boise State. Bronco Finish Line offers writing workshops, facilitates student peer writing groups, and provides one on one tutoring (provided by students in our Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program) for students from all fields.

Writing is vital to your success as a graduate student and is also an invaluable skill as you move into your career field.  Bronco Finish Line is here to help you navigate through the sometimes convoluted path of what it means to be a graduate writer, helping you find the skills and support you need to share your unique research and scholarly projects to the world. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in (and come on, it’s going to be great) contact the Thesis and Dissertation office at 426-3604 or send us an email at or

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