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The Intellectual Bronco

The Myth of Writer’s Block

Summer break is here! For most people that means vacations, delightful cool beverages, and endless sunshine. For graduate students, summer is a pleasantly warm period of time in which you are most likely doing similar things you were doing in … (Read More) The Myth of Writer’s Block

2018 Spring Commencement

On May 5th – for the first time ever – Boise State University hosted 2 graduation ceremonies! Combined, there was a recordĀ 1,966 students who participated in the commencement ceremonies which is kind of a big deal. Congratulations to everyone who … (Read More) 2018 Spring Commencement

Research Month

As April wraps up, we close the door on our second annual campus-wide celebration of Research Month! Whether at the graduate level or undergraduate level, research serves a vital role expanding our knowledge base and improving human life in a … (Read More) Research Month

2018 Three Minute Thesis

3 Minutes. 180 seconds. That’s how long a few brave Boise State graduate students have to condense their thesis or dissertation research into an interesting and coherent presentation. Still confused on the concept of the Three Minute Thesis? Let me … (Read More) 2018 Three Minute Thesis

Upcoming Events

This time of the year is busy and great. Busy because you are in the middle of the semester, and great because you can see the light at the end of the tunnel! In the midst of the busyness, it’s … (Read More) Upcoming Events

Valentine’s Day: Graduate College Edition

Unless you were in an underground bunker this week, you know that Valentine’s Day was recently celebrated in all it’s chocolate-covered flowery glory. While some people lovingly refer to the day as “Single’s Awareness Day,” we at the Graduate College … (Read More) Valentine’s Day: Graduate College Edition

Who’s Runs the World? Grads(tudents)

Sometimes as graduate student, well who are we kidding — most times as a graduate student, it lands on your shoulders to stay in contact with your advisor and committee members. You’re busy… they’re busy… but ultimately you are responsible … (Read More) Who’s Runs the World? Grads(tudents)

Graduate Spotlight

Special congratulations to our graduate spotlight student Karolin Marakool! Karolin was honored as the 2017 Winter Commencement Banner Marshal. She received her Masters of Business Administration, Online and was one of the 1,872 students who graduated this winter in Boise … (Read More) Graduate Spotlight

Holiday Greetings

As the year winds down, we usually take time to remember what was awesome about this past year and what we most enjoyed. Here at the Graduate College we truly appreciate our graduate students and being able to take part … (Read More) Holiday Greetings

First-Year Students Pt. 2

If you are a first year grad student then you are close to completing your first semester *deep breath*… but it’s crunch time. Dead week and finals are right around the corner, and sometimes you need just a little extra … (Read More) First-Year Students Pt. 2