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The Intellectual Bronco

Graduate Spotlight

Special congratulations to our graduate spotlight student Karolin Marakool! Karolin was honored as the 2017 Winter Commencement Banner Marshal. She received her Masters of Business Administration, Online and was one of the 1,872 students who graduated this winter in Boise … (Read More) Graduate Spotlight

Holiday Greetings

As the year winds down, we usually take time to remember what was awesome about this past year and what we most enjoyed. Here at the Graduate College we truly appreciate our graduate students and being able to take part … (Read More) Holiday Greetings

First-Year Students Pt. 2

If you are a first year grad student then you are close to completing your first semester *deep breath*… but it’s crunch time. Dead week and finals are right around the corner, and sometimes you need just a little extra … (Read More) First-Year Students Pt. 2

First-Year Students Pt. 1

Being a first year graduate student can be a tough, foreign endeavor, but they say that experience is the best teacher. Take a look this Storify that collected advice from current or former graduate students to first-year students. It all … (Read More) First-Year Students Pt. 1

Bronco Finish Line

Whether you are just starting graduate school or are smack dab in the middle of it, there is never a wrong time to brush up on your writing skills. Knowing this, we at the Graduate College present to you… Bronco … (Read More) Bronco Finish Line

Graduate Student Testimonials

Thinking of Boise State as a potential home for your graduate studies? We think that’s a great idea, but don’t take just our word for it! Hear from two of our current graduate students, Carrie Quinney and Abir Rahman. Carrie … (Read More) Graduate Student Testimonials

Congratulations Spring 2017 Grads!

This year our spring graduation was memorable for two big reasons: This was Boise State’s 100th commencement ceremony Commencement was held on “the Blue” for the first time ever In total,  2,369 students received 2,682 degrees and certificates. Grad students … (Read More) Congratulations Spring 2017 Grads!

Deadlines and Dates and Events, Oh My!

This is the time of the semester when deadlines and important dates can sneak up on graduate students. Here is a list of upcoming dates and events for you to be aware of! March 1    –   Last day … (Read More) Deadlines and Dates and Events, Oh My!

Upcoming Events!

We have some great events headed your way whether you are a Boise State graduate student or you just appreciate graduate education and research. During the month of April, the Graduate College will be hosting two events to celebrate graduate student … (Read More) Upcoming Events!

New Graduate Student Organization

So, we have some cool news… we are happy to announce that this fall a Boise State University Graduate Student Association (GSA) was developed and is in the process of formally becoming a recognized student organization on campus. The motivation for … (Read More) New Graduate Student Organization