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Conference Travel Funding

The Graduate College has a limited number of travel funding opportunities that are available to graduate students at Boise State University for presentations at academic conferences (including performances, exhibitions, readings, and lecture recitals for graduate students in the arts). A panel of judges reviews applications and makes award recommendations to the Dean of the Graduate College. Reviews take place two times per year, with submission deadlines on October 1 (fall) and April 1 (spring). The panel review, final decision, and award notifications will take place within four weeks of each submission deadline.


Two forms of travel funding are available:

  1. Alfred M. Dufty, Jr. Awards (4), established by Bonnie Dufty to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Alfred M. Dufty, Jr., which cover up to $1,000 (each) in conference travel costs. The Dufty, Jr. Award winners and their major advisors will be invited to a luncheon with Mrs. Bonnie Dufty and the Dean of the Graduate College.
  2. Graduate College Travel Awards (6), sponsored by the Division of Research and Economic Development, which cover up to $500 (each) in conference travel costs.


To be eligible for Graduate College academic conference travel funding you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Applicants must be enrolled (part- or full-time) in a master’s or doctoral program at Boise State University
  2. Applicants must be in good standing (students with a provisional or conditional admission status, and students on academic probation are not eligible)
  3. The conference travel must happen after the award decision date – awards will not be made for travel that occurred before the decision date
  4. An applicant’s anticipated graduation or defense date must be scheduled to occur after the date of the conference for which you have requested Graduate College conference travel funding

Preference will be given to applicants that are enrolled in 5 or more credits in their graduate program. Students may submit a single application for each of the two travel (review) periods identified above, but only one award application will be funded per graduate student in any given academic year. Conference travel funding will not be awarded for past travel, including any travel that originates before the submission review deadline.

Distribution and Reporting

Award funding will be distributed directly to the recipients’ home departments upon proof of conference presentation acceptance. All recipients should submit receipts for reimbursement to their home department, per the home department’s rules for travel reimbursement. If the conference travel is cancelled or the presentation doesn’t occur, the home department will return the award funding to the Graduate College. The same rules apply to the Alfred M. Dufty, Jr. Award recipients, however when receipts for academic conference travel are received (including registration, airline, and lodging fees,) awardees must submit copies to the Graduate College. All award recipients are asked to submit information to the Graduate College about their presentation (e.g., presentation title, abstract, and academic conference program, to be provided when the presentation is accepted and the conference program is published), and the recipients’ home departments are encouraged to submit any digital photos that are available related to the student recipient’s research and presentation, preferably from the academic conference for which the funded travel occurred, to the Graduate College.