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Section 11: Student Appeals

All Boise State students have the right to appeal any academic policy or requirement if either of the following conditions is present:

  • Extenuating circumstances make it impossible to comply with the policy or requirement.
  • An undue hardship would result from a strict application or interpretation of the policy or requirement.

Please note, however, that extenuating circumstances must be beyond the student’s control and that undue hardship must be a condition far more serious than simple inconvenience. Documentation will be required and the timeliness of the appeal will be taken into consideration.

This section describes the following requests that are specific to graduate students.
List of Student Appeals. Select a link from the list below to access the section listed.

Section 11: Student Appeals Table
Request for an Exception to the Regionally Accredited Institution Requirement for Admission
Request for Reinstatement to a Graduate Program
Request to Extend the Duration of Study