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Request for Reinstatement to a Graduate Program

Students may be dismissed from their graduate program and Boise State University because they have not met the conditions of provisional admission or the GPA requirements of the Graduate College. Students who have been dismissed for one of these reasons are administratively withdrawn from their courses and cannot register until they are either reinstated to the graduate program or readmitted to the Graduate College.

Students who request reinstatement (following Boise State policy #3090) and are granted reinstatement to the program within 30 calendar days are not required to reapply to the Graduate College. After 30 days or if the request for reinstatement is denied, students must submit a new online application and application fee. Reinstatement may be requested by submitting a written request to the Graduate Program Coordinator that includes:

  1. a formal request for reinstatement.
  2. an explanation of the situation behind the dismissal and subsequent request for reinstatement.

The Coordinator evaluates the request and forwards to the Graduate Dean the written request, along with a recommendation and an explanation for the recommendation. If the recommendation is in favor of reinstatement, the explanation must also include a plan showing how the student will complete the degree or certificate requirements. This should include a semester-by-semester course plan developed by the student and advisor.

The Graduate Dean reviews the submitted materials and either approves or denies reinstatement. The Graduate Dean then communicates the decision to the graduate program and the student via email (using the student’s Boise State email address, according to Boise State policy #2280).