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2.19 Thesis and Dissertation

Like all Boise State University researchers, graduate students engaged in thesis or dissertation research are expected to carry out their research in an ethical and responsible manner. This includes consideration for both human subjects and animal subjects. For additional information about thesis and dissertation research, refer to responsible conduct of research.

A student must undergo a process involving three primary steps on the way to satisfying the thesis or dissertation requirement of a graduate degree program. These steps must be taken in proper order, and each subsequent step cannot be undertaken until the student successfully completes the prior step.

  1. Defense. The student defends the thesis or dissertation before a committee known as the defense committee (which always includes the supervisory committee). This event is formally referred to as the final oral examination.
  2. Final reading approval. The student makes any modifications that may be required by the defense committee and submits the revised thesis or dissertation to the chair of the supervisory committee (or designee) for final reading approval.
  3. Format review. The student electronically submits the thesis or dissertation and supporting documentation to the Graduate College for a format review by the Coordinator of Theses and Dissertations, and responds to any corrections that may be required by the Graduate College.
    1. This format review is guided by a detailed requirements and procedures described in a manual called Standards and Guidelines for Theses and Dissertations. A thesis or dissertation that does not conform to the standards and guidelines will be returned by the Graduate College to the student for corrections. The issues addressed in the standards and guidelines ensure that the thesis or dissertation is complete in terms of the components required by the Graduate College, that the final version meets technical publication standards (e.g., minimum margins for binding purposes), and that certain legal requirements involving copyright are given proper attention by the student.
    2. An official format review cannot be initiated until the chair of the supervisory committee (or designee) has granted final reading approval of the thesis or dissertation. However, the Graduate College will provide preliminary advice on request. Students with questions about any aspect of the format review are encouraged to contact the Graduate Student Success Office.
  4. Final version. After the thesis or dissertation has passed the format review, the student submits the final version as an electronic file to the Graduate College for review by the Graduate Dean. This should be done before the deadline published in the academic calendar. The thesis or dissertation requirement of a graduate degree program is not considered satisfied until the final version has been approved by the Graduate Dean. When submitting the final version:
    1. The student should include a page that contains the research protocol number and a statement that the protocol has been approved by the appropriate Office of Research Compliance (ORC) committee – Institutional Review Board (IRB), Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), or Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). Refer to responsible conduct of research.
    2. The student should submit an Access Agreement for a Thesis or Dissertation form. Because a thesis or dissertation is a significant contribution to a discipline, the Graduate College requires that all theses and dissertations be archived and made publicly accessible. This is done through ScholarWorks, a digital university repository overseen by the Albertsons Library. The conditions for public access to a thesis or dissertation may vary depending on a variety of circumstances. These conditions are requested by the student and reviewed by the Graduate College in the access agreement. Approval by the Graduate College of an access agreement is a graduation requirement for all students who complete a thesis or dissertation as part of a graduate degree program.
    3. The student can order archival bound paper copies of the thesis or dissertation as required by the department and for personal use. The Graduate College provides an electronic process for a student to order paper copies.

2.19.1 Name Used on a Thesis or Dissertation

The name used on a thesis or dissertation must match the author’s name as it appears on official Boise State University records. Students may choose to omit a middle name or use an initial. But the name used must be consistent throughout the thesis or dissertation and the accompanying paperwork – Defense Committee Approval, Final Reading Approval, and Access Agreement.

Students who want to use a different name, such as a nickname, on their thesis or dissertation must first change their name in official Boise State University records by submitting a Student Information Update form to the Office of the Registrar.