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Full Time enrollment

For the purpose of verifying enrollment, a graduate student must be enrolled in at least nine (9) credits to be considered “full time.” Students enrolled in fewer than nine (9) credits are considered to be enrolled proportionally less than full-time. This applies to each fall, spring, and summer semester or session.

An exception applies to international students when summer is the first semester in F1 or J1 status. For immigration purposes only a minimum of six (6) credits is required during the summer for international students to be considered full time. Three (3) of these six (6) credits must be in coursework other than independent study, thesis, or dissertation.

This does not change the requirement for students who have Graduate Assistantships to be registered in nine (9) credits during Fall and Spring, but can maintain their GA without summer registration.

In determining whether a student is enrolled full time, Boise State counts all credit hours on the student’s registration form, including courses under audit status, courses being repeated, and credits for workshops. In short, nearly every combination of any type of credit hour counts toward the required credit total. Note also that developmental courses (such as ENGL 90 Developmental Writing or MATH 25 Elementary Algebra) count as three (3) credits each toward the full time credit total, even though no credit is earned for taking the course.

Information about full time tuition and fees for graduate students can be found on the Student Financial Services website.