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A project is a substantial exercise that demonstrates the ability of a master’s student to independently and successfully carry out a professional activity similar to what may be encountered in the workplace. Although a final oral examination for a project is not required by the Graduate College, the master’s program may define procedures for such an examination and require it for all students in the program. The Graduate College does not archive projects and does not require that graduate programs archive projects. However, it is permissible for a program to adopt local regulations and implement procedures for archiving some or all projects produced in a particular graduate program. This flexibility acknowledges the great diversity of projects across disciplines and the differing views on their archival value.

Registration for Project Credit

A master’s student who is engaged in project activity during any semester or term, including the semester or term in which the project in final form is assigned a grade, must register for at least one (1) credit of 591 Project, regardless of the number of 591 Project credits already accumulated by the student.

Project Grading

All 591 Project credits are graded in-progress (IP) until a final grade of either pass (P) or fail (F) is assigned by the academic unit responsible for the program. The same grade (P or F) is assigned to all 591 credits registered by the student during his or her career in the master’s program.