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Second Master’s Degree

Students who have earned a master’s degree from Boise State University may earn a second master’s degree in another discipline under the following guidelines:

  1. The student must meet all requirements prescribed for the second degree.
  2. Requirements for the second degree that have already been met as part of the first master’s degree may be counted toward the second degree with the following stipulations:
  3. • The supervisory committee and Graduate Dean approve.
    • Credit for culminating activities is automatically excluded from application to both degrees.
    • At least two thirds (2/3) of the credit applied to the second degree must represent new course work; that is, courses not already applied to the first degree.

  4. All requirements for the second degree (including transfer courses must be started and completed within a single continuous interval of no more than seven (7) years.
  5. A student cannot be admitted to a second master’s degree program until all requirements for the first master’s degree have been completed.