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Program Profile: Certificate in Teaching – Elementary Pathway

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According to the “Best Education School Rankings” for 2019 by U.S. News & World Report, Boise State University’s College of Education is ranked among the top 50 of public universities. This ranking is the highest to date for the college and puts it in the top 3 in the Northwest, the top 3 in the Intermountain West and the top 15 in the West. The College of Education offers many engaging and challenging programs aimed at developing teachers, leaders and life long learners. In particular, the Graduate Certificate in Teaching – Elementary Pathway is an accelerated pre-professional program that leads to initial teacher certification.

The Graduate Certificate in Teaching – Elementary Pathway is a rigorous program designed for those who wish to be elementary (K-8) teachers and already hold a Bachelor’s degree. Students in the program will take courses designed to bridge theory and practice, and have several opportunities to apply what they learn to authentic situations. The program takes approximately 2 years to complete with course offerings in fall, spring and summer sessions. The certificate program culminates with a Professional Year in which students work with mentor teachers in K-8 public school settings and are supported by university liaisons. Upon graduation, students will be eligible for a K-8 elementary certificate from the Idaho State Department of Education.

Not only is K-8 teaching incredibly fulfilling, but given Idaho’s teacher shortage, well-prepared teachers are in high demand. Local principals recognize the quality of Boise State teacher education graduates, and look to hire those who excel in this program. In general, teaching certificates are also fairly easy to transfer state to state, pending individual state requirements.

Learn more about the requirements and how to apply at the Graduate Certificate in Teaching – Elementary Pathway website, or contact the Program Director, Dr. Julianne Wenner, at

Local Principal Endorsements

  • I see confidence. I see preparation. I see focus. I do feel more confident in hiring teachers from Boise State.
    West Ada Principal
  • I am thoroughly impressed with Boise State. So many of our teachers came through Boise State and I’ve been nothing but impressed with them. I think that the school as a whole is really doing a nice job of producing quality teachers. In fact, my niece wants to teach and I’m trying to talk her into going to Boise State!
    Boise Principal
  • I don’t know that I’ve hired anyone who knew the standards so well already and was able to really do cross-curricular types of lessons. She came in really prepared. 
    Middleton Principal

Student Testimonials

I’ve always wanted to teach, and during my BA and MA career I explored the idea of teaching at the university level. My experience as a graduate student in the Anthropology Department was amazing, but I realized that my first love is teaching, and not the research focus that is necessary to thrive at the university level. As a Boise State Alumni, I knew the quality of instructors and education that I would receive when I decided to return for my graduate certificate so I could pursue teaching at the K-12 public school level. Since I’m a student who is working in order to pay for school rather than taking out student loans, I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to complete this new, condensed program for obtaining a teaching certificate.
Shawn Berg

The Graduate Certificate program has been a great choice for me as a working professional with a bachelor’s degree. Professors are passionate, knowledgeable, and vastly experienced educators. Courses have combined case study and field work with in class instruction and discussion. Endorsement course peers are also often current practicing teachers around the valley. I would highly recommend the Graduate Certificate in Teaching program at Boise State as my experience has been both challenging as well as extremely rewarding.
– Kasey Monteith

I chose Boise State for my teaching certificate because of the curriculum and required courses necessary to obtain a teaching certificate. I also chose Boise State because of the flexibility of the program, availability of courses as well as cost. Other programs in the valley are rigid, planned out for you (without much of your own input) and cost much more. Also, their program is not as structured and accredited as Boise State (I did my homework). I am looking forward to being a teacher and why I chose teaching as a career because I love children and want to make an impact in a child’s life. I have had exceptional experiences with all of my courses and professors so far at Boise State. Each course is targeted to assist me as a future educator. Every professor I had the privilege to learn from has been inspiring, encouraging and truly has my best interest throughout their instruction.
– Jamie Breshears