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Degree Programs

List of Certificate, Masters, and Doctors Degree Programs.
Athletic Leadership masters in personM.A.L.
Accountancy masters in personM.S.
Accountancy, Taxation masters in personM.S.
Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner-Acute Care certificate masters onlineM.N., Certificate
Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner-Primary Care certificate masters onlineM.N., Certificate
Anthropology masters in personM.A., M.A.A.
Art Education masters in personM.A.
Art, Visual masters in personM.F.A.
Bilingual Education masters in personM.Ed.
Biology masters in personM.A., M.S.
Biomolecular Sciences doctorate in personPh.D.
Biomolecular Sciences masters in personM.S.
Chemistry masters in personM.S.
Civil Engineering masters in personM.Engr., M.S.
College Teaching certificateCertificate
Communication masters in personM.A.
Computing doctorate in personPh.D.
Computer Science masters in personM.S.
Computer Science Teacher Endorsementcertificate in personCertificate
Conflict Management certificate in personCertificate
Counselor Education masters in personM.A.
Creative Writing masters in personM.F.A.
Criminal Justice masters in personM.A.
Curriculum and Instruction masters doctorate in personEd.D., M.A.
Doctor of Nursing Practice doctorate onlineD.N.P
Early & Special Education masters in personM.Ed.
Earth Science masters in personM.Esci.
Ecology, Evolution, and Behaviordoctorate in personPh.D.
Economics masters in personM.Ec., M.S.
Education, Literacy masters in personM.A.
Educational Gaming and Simulation certificate onlineCertificate
Educational Leadership masters in person M.Ed.
Educational Leadership, Executive in person specialistEd.S.
Educational Technology, Specialist specialist onlineEd.S.
Educational Technology, Ed.D. doctorate onlineEd.D.
Educational Technology, Masters masters onlineM.E.T., M.S.
Electrical and Computer Engineering masters doctorate in personPh.D., M.Engr., M.S.
English as a New Language masters in personM.Ed.
English Literature masters in personM.A.
English, Rhetoric and Composition masters in personM.A.
Geographic Information Analysis certificate in personCertificate
Geosciencemasters in personM.S.
Geophysics masters doctorate in personM.S., Ph.D.
Geosciences doctorate in personPh.D.
Healthcare Simulation certificate in personCertificate
Health Science certificate masters in personM.H.S
History masters in personM.A., M.A.H.R.
Hydrologic Sciences masters in personM.S.
Interdisciplinary Studies masters in personM.A., M.S.
Kinesiology masters in personM.K., M.S.
Materials Science and Engineering masters doctorate in personPh.D., M.Engr., M.S.
Mathematics masters in personM.S.
Mathematics Consulting Teacher Endorsement certificate in personCertificate
Mathematics Education masters in personM.S.
MBA, Executive masters in personM.B.A.
MBA, Full-Time (Career Track) masters in personM.B.A.
MBA, Online masters onlineM.B.A.
MBA, Part-Time (Professional) masters in personM.B.A.
Mechanical Engineering masters in personM.Engr., M.S.
Music Education masters in personM.M.
Music Performance masters in personM.M.
Non-Degree Seeking Student masters onlineNon-Degree Seeking
Nonprofit Administration certificate in personCertificate
Online Teaching Certificate certificate onlineCertificate
Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning masters onlineM.S.
Political Science masters in personM.A.
Public Administration masters in personM.P.A.
Public Policy and Administration doctorate in personPh.D.
Raptor Biology masters in personM.S.
School Technology Coordination Certificate certificate onlineCertificate
Secondary/K-12 Teaching certificate in personCertificate
Social Work masters in personM.S.W.
Social Work, Online masters in personM.S.W.
Special Education or Early Childhood Intervention masters in personM.I.T.
STEM Education masters in personM.S.
Teaching English Language Arts masters in personM.A.
Technical Communication certificate masters in personM.A., Certificate
Technology Integration Specialist Certificate certificate onlineCertificate
Victim Services certificate onlineCertificate
Workplace E-Learning and Performance Support certificate onlineCertificate
Workplace Instructional Design certificate onlineCertificate
Workplace Performance Improvement certificate onlineCertificate

Program Key

  • Certificate Certificate
  • Masters Masters
  • Doctorate Doctorate
  • In Person In Person
  • Online Online
  • Specialist Specialist