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The Department of Kinesiology offers master’s degrees in the following areas: Master of Athletic Leadership, Master of Science in Kinesiology (behavioral studies, biophysical studies and socio-historical studies), and Master of Kinesiology (behavioral studies, biophysical studies and socio-historical studies). The Master of Science in Kinesiology requires the completion of a thesis. The department provides comprehensive graduate degree programs that incorporate scientific and professional methods of inquiry to study physical activity, exercise, sport, and health-related issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives; advances the body of knowledge through scholarly inquiry; and offers a wide-range of fitness and sport activities that help promote lifelong well-being.


Degree Requirements

Master of Athletic Leadership, M.A.L.
Master of Kinesiology, M.K.
Master of Science in Kinesiology, M.S.

Contact Information

M.S. and M.K.
Dr. Shelley Lucas
Graduate Program Coordinaor
Bronco Gym/Kinesiology Building
1910 University Dr., Boise, ID  83725-1710

Scott Moorcroft
Program Director
Bronco Gym/Kinesiology Building
1910 University Dr., Boise, ID  83725-1710


Graduate assistantships are available on a competitive basis Master of Science in Kinesiology students.  Please see the Kinesiology Graduate Programs page for the most current information on graduate assistantships.

Admission Requirements

  1. Apply to the Graduate College and satisfy the minimum admissions requirements of the Graduate College. International applicants must satisfy the international admissions requirements.
  2. A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution of higher learning or a degree from a non-U.S. institution of higher education that is judged equivalent to a U.S. baccalaureate degree by the International Admissions Office.
  3. Letter of application describing background, academic interests, career goals, and how this degree will assist you in achieving those goals. Applicants to the MS and MK programs should also identify a potential mentor.
  4. Your professional resume or curriculum vitae.
  5. Official scores from the verbal, quantitative, and analytical reports of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) are required. The GRE must have been taken within five years of application. Please note that applicants posting verbal and quantitative scores of 33% and above will receive favorable attention.
  6. Three letters of recommendation. Letters for MAL applicants should address your professional competencies, potential for leadership, personal and professional integrity, and any other information that will help the selection committee make an informed decision.
  7. For MAL applicants only: Complete a phone interview with the admission committee.

Application and Materials Deadlines

Funding (MS): January 15
MK and MS: May 1
MAL: The MAL program begins a new cohort of participants each summer. The deadline to apply for the Summer 2017 cohort is February 1, 2017.