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Student Testimonials



Kiyo Fujimoto

I am unabashedly passionate about science and the process of discovery. This, in conjunction with the high quality of education, a collaborative research environment that extends to both students and faculty, amazing influence, and an immense amount of support provided by the administration and faculty of the Chemistry and MSE Departments throughout my undergraduate career is how I decided to continue my education in the MSE PhD program at BSU. My research will aim to determine the nuclear related capabilities of additive manufacturing techniques that would be used for the fabrication of nuclear grade components and systems.Kiyo Fujimoto

Program: Materials Science and Engineering, Ph.D. // 1st Year Hometown: Boise, ID





Lonnie Jackson 3

I am going into my second year of the Communication master’s program. Out of high school I attended Boston College where I received my undergraduate degree in communication. I decided to transfer to Boise State for my last year of basketball eligibility and I was blessed with the opportunity to further my education. I chose the Communication master’s program because I knew my basketball career wasn’t going to last forever and if I was going to be in school I wanted to pursue a program that challenged me to grow as a person. This past year in the Communication program I received all that and more. My classmates and professors pushed me to see the world differently through conversations where we challenged each other’s views and discussed meaning making processes of how we communicate and how that affects our institutions. My areas of interest are the mind/body connection and organizational change. I’m super excited to explore further as I begin my thesis work.Lonnie Jackson

Program: Communication, M.A. // 2nd Year Hometown: Valencia, CA