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The Intellectual Bronco

Top 4 Ways To Have a Great Year at Boise State

Hey all! With classes now underway and the madness of the first couple weeks beginning to settle, it’s the perfect time to consider how to maximize your time and experiences at Boise State. Whether you are a first year graduate student or in the 3rd year of your Ph.D., these activities are foolproof in ensuring you will have a great year!

1. Attend Athletic Events

You may not love sports or you may be a sports fanatic, but either way Boise State students bleed blue and orange. There is nothing more exciting than feeling the school spirit that is present at an athletic event here, especially the football games. Luckily for you, there is a game tomorrow. Check out the details and don’t miss it!

2. Take Advantage of the Outdoor Program

Outdoor program, say wha? Yes, Boise State does offer an outdoor program through our Recreation Center and it’s awesome! Not only can you rent equipment (like tents, rafts, skis, etc.), but you can also join the trips and outdoor clinics they plan such as Cliff Climbing, Idaho Bike Touring, and Backpacking Adventures. See a full list of trips here.

3. Join a Club

Join a club with all your free time right? Trust me I know graduate students are busy, but student organizations are a good way to stay involved and they offer needed relief from piles of papers. Fortunately Boise State offers more than 200 student organizations for you to choose from -> Student Involvement and Leadership Center

4. Give Back

Boise State offers students a number of volunteer opportunities, one of which is Service Saturday. It is a direct service opportunity for all members of the Boise State community. Learn more about how to engage with the community and volunteer.

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Nutrition Tips for Busy Broncos

Hey all you Intellectual Broncos! The upcoming school year is fast approaching (more quickly than we’d like) and once school picks up, deadlines, papers, and tests all become the main focus. Often during these busy times nutrition can fall to the wayside. For this blog session, we are featuring a guest post by MarLee Harris, Boise State Campus Dietitian.

In the near future you will be proclaimed masters or doctorates in your field. That is an incredible accomplishment. This can become an almost all-consuming effort between research, teaching, assistantships, and classwork. Oh yeah, and there is your well-being to look after. Although nutrition is only part of your overall well-being, it gives you energy to accomplish everything else you want. Each month we will highlight a practice or skill that will help you become a master eater.

Tip: When you are hungry, eat! This seemingly simple idea will pay huge dividends…increased focus, improved mood, and decreased headaches and fatigue.

Hunger, whether a pang in your stomach, a minor headache, or a slight mood change, often gets ignored because of being busy or not having food readily available. Instead honor it! At this point in the game, we aren’t worried too much about what you eat (we can discuss that in future posts), just eat!

Get inspired with these grab and go snack and meal ideas:

27 Portable Snacks

Packing for Snacking

For more ideas check out the Boise State Health Services Dietitian Pinterest

Have questions about nutrition? Contact Health Services at (208) 426-1459 to schedule an appointment with MarLee Harris, Campus Dietitian.

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Summer Graduation Deadlines

Now that summer is in full swing, deadlines are likely the last thing on your mind. However, if you are looking to be awarded your degree in August there are still a few dates to keep in mind:

Monday, June 27 – Last day to add graduate assessment (master’s preliminary examination, doctoral preliminary examination, thesis proposal, dissertation proposal, master’s comprehensive examination, doctoral comprehensive examination), directed research, independent study, internship, practicum, or reading and conference.

Monday, July 4 – Independence Day (take a break!)

Friday, July 8 – Last day to submit advisor-approved version of dissertation or thesis with signed Final Reading Approval and Access Agreement for a Thesis or Dissertation to the Thesis and Dissertation Office for degrees to be awarded in August 2016.

Friday, August 5 – Last day to submit final copies of dissertation or thesis to the Thesis and Dissertation Office for graduate degrees to be awarded in August 2016.

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Summer Fun in Boise

Looking for a fun things to do in Boise this summer? Here are 10 ways to explore in our beautiful city and around Idaho!

1. Float the River

Floating the Boise River in the summer is the perfect way to stay cool during hot summer days. Starting at Barber Park and ending at Ann Morrison Park, the 6-mile float passes right by Boise State University. While the river is not open for floating yet, check out these guidelines for a fun and safe floating experience.

table-rock 2. Table Rock

Table Rock is a great place to unplug and take in the beautiful views of Boise. If you’re feeling active, Table Rock also offers challenging hiking and biking trails.

3. Visit Zoo Boise

Zoo Boise is just a short walk across the Friendship Bridge at Boise State. Check it out!

4. Explore the Saturday Market

The Saturday Market is a fun atmosphere that provides you with access not only to local growers and vendors, but also live musical entertainment and delicious food!

5. Visit the Boise Farmer’s Market

Right around the corner from the Saturday Market is the Boise Farmer’s Market. It’s the perfect place to stock up on local food and agricultural products.

6. Check Out Local Concerts

The Idaho Botanical Gardens offer a number of summer concerts such as the Outlaw Field Summer Concert Series. Click here to see a schedule of events

7. Boise Music Festival Untitled-design-11

2016 Boise Music Fest lineup is jam-packed with Grammy award winning artists: Coolio, Andy Grammer, Nelly, and Daughtry. Make sure to be there… your ears will thank you.


8. Mountain Home Country Music Festival

While you’re immersing yourself in the music scene, don’t forget the Mountain Home Country Music Festival featuring Brantley Gilbert, Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean and 20 other artists!

9. Adventure to the Hot Springs

Looking to visit the hot springs? Choose from this top 10 list of hot springs around Idaho.

Flatrock trail (1) 10. Take a Hike (in a good way)

Maybe I’m a little biased, but Idaho is a beautiful state – get out and explore these awesome hikes and trails.

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3 Ways to Get Ahead in the Summer

Summer is here! The season of lazy days, cool drinks and no responsibilities, right? Well… if you’re a graduate student, not exactly.


Not for you

Summer is prime time for graduate students. So much time to write, so much time to research, and so much time to procrastinate. In hopes of diminishing that procrastination, here are 3 ways you can get ahead in the summer!

1. Enroll in summer credits

Summer is an excellent time to knock out a few credits and get ahead in your coursework. If your program offers courses or accepts credits in other ways, you might want to explore that option.

2. Get an internship or into a summer research program

Broadening your training and skill set is a smart move. However, time is never on your side so summer is ideal for getting an internship or getting into a summer research program. Being involved in independent research projects outside your university can help set you apart as a graduate student.

3. Broaden your network

Related to step two, broadening your network will benefit you in the future. If you happen to be involved in an internship or research program, you have a built-in professional network to pull from. If not, taking strategic steps to collaborate with
faculty and fellow students can lead to beneficial connections. Also, don’t be afraid to cross silos and make interdisciplinary connections –  those can be some of the most rewarding!

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2016 Spring Commencement Recap

On Saturday, May 7th, Boise State University celebrated its 98th Commencement ceremony. A total of 2,334 students were eligible to participate in graduation this spring.

This commencement ceremony was particularly exciting for the Graduate College and those invested in graduate education. In addition to earning the rank of a Carnegie doctoral research institution, Boise State celebrated graduating the first students in three doctoral programs. The Doctor of Nursing Practice program graduated 5 nurse leaders, the fully online Educational Technology program graduated their first cohort of 5 students, and the Biomolecular Sciences Ph.D. program graduated its first doctoral candidate. Additionally, the first 10 students from the Education Specialist program graduated this spring.

Saturday’s ceremony carried an air of celebration, accomplishment and excitement for the future. Check out the photos below to see some shots of graduate students throughout the day!

  • Blue hood grads 660x260

  • Buster and student 660x260

  • tan hoods 660x260

  • Comm Grads 660x260

  • doctoral students 660x260

  • Processional 660x260

  • aloha grads 660x206

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University Day at Boise State

Looking for fun and productive ways to engage with the campus and fellow students? Today is the perfect day! Celebrate Earth Day by participating in the annual University Day event held from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm. Each year near the end of spring semester, the Boise State campus community comes together to collectively clean up and beautify the campus.

University Day campus events include planting flowers and trees, recycling and picking up trash as well as a thorough cleaning of outdoor campus facilities like the sand volleyball courts. If you are interested in participating, stop by the University Day check-in tables located on the Student Union Building patio, in front of the ILC or on the Quad.


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3 Minute Thesis Recap

3mt boise state design size down

On April 5th the Boise State Graduate College and other university partners hosted the inaugural Three Minute Thesis Competition (3MT®) at Boise State University. The competition was originally developed by the University of Queensland and celebrates the exciting research conducted by graduate students. Participants have just three minutes and one slide to present compelling oration on their thesis or dissertation topic and its significance. The competition allows students to sharpen their academic, presentation, and research communication skills. The 3MT® competition is now held in over 200 universities across more than 18 countries worldwide.

With 17 strong presentations from Boise State masters and doctoral students alike, Idaho’s first 3MT® competition did not disappoint. After nearly 40 minutes of deliberation, a 3-panel team of judges determined the 2016 Overall Winner to be Katie Gibble (Geosciences, M.S.) for her presentation titled “If It Burns, Will It Flow? Predicting Post-Fire Debris Flows Before the Flames.” By way of audience vote, the 2016 People’s Choice Winner was named Veiko Valencia (Visual Arts, M.F.A.) for his presentation titled, “The Legacy of Colonization.”

To check out these award winning presentations, visit the Graduate College Three Minute Thesis webpage.


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7 Things Every Graduate Student Needs

Whether you are currently a graduate student or you will be one soon, there are certain items that you will find yourself using constantly. After speaking to some of our very own Boise State graduate students, we have determined the 7 things every graduate student needs:

Lightweight Laptop/IPad

If you haven’t invested in a lightweight technological gadget yet, now is the time. Whether it is light laptop or an iPad, you will be glad you did. Not only are they convenient to have during class, but they are infinitely more handy than hauling around mountains of notes.

External Hard Drive

You may think you don’t need one, but you do. You will likely need the extra storage space no matter which program you are in. Also, these are lifesavers if your computer decides to have a meltdown or your USB breaks.

Drop Box

To that point, it’s never a bad idea to have multiple back-ups and folders. Graduate students are constantly on the go.  Applications like Drop Box are useful when working in multiple places, on multiple computers or if you just plain leave your USB at home the day you have to teach.

Flu Survivor Kit

It’s inevitable. You will get sick at the least opportune time. It’s a good idea create a little flu survival kit stocked with cough drops, Emergen-C, tissues and all the recovery essentials.

Weighted Bookmark

In graduate school reading is constant and unavoidable. There is a very good chance that not every book you read will be digital. Enter the weighted bookmark. These bookmarks amazingly useful for hands-free reading while simultaneously typing notes.

Water Bottle

Many graduate students run on liquids. Getting a sturdy reusable water bottle is never a bad idea.


Just coffee. Coffee helps with everything.

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St. Patrick’s Day in Boise

With St. Patrick’s Day right about the corner, you might be wondering what there is to do or where to celebrate. Whether you are craving traditional Irish fare or wanting to enjoy the Pipes and Drums, you will want to explore all Boise has to offer. Here is where to get your shamrock on:

 ShamrockPipers 28th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Party – Join the Piper’s new chef Alex Trent for his amazing Corned Beef and Cabbage, along with Bangers and Mash, Scotch Eggs, and Shepard’s Pie. Enjoy live music by the Wooly Buggers from 5-8 p.m. and a special appearance by the Boise Firefighters Pipes and Drums at 5:45 p.m. Cost: Free

More information:

Boise Highlander’s St. Patrick’s Day Performances – Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the Boise Highlanders, who are making nearly 40 appearances at local establishments, including The Crescent, Hyde Park Pub, Old Chicago downtown, Bardenay, Barbacoa, and Tom Grainey’s and many more. Cost: Free

More information:

hike_it_baby_siamondHike it Baby Boise St. Patrick’s Day Celebration – This family friendly St. Patty’s event is focused on getting families outside. You’ll enjoy an afternoon of park play and doing a craft of planting seeds in little gold pots. Cost: Free

More information:

St. Patrick’s Day Jazz and Jigs – Celebrate your St. Patrick’s Day with a fun, fresh twist. Multi-talented performer Dan Costello performs a special set of Irish and Celtic-influenced tunes and Essential Jazz performs exciting arrangements of spring-themed classics. Cost: Free

More information:

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