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Bronco Finish Line

Graduate writing is a diverse experience for all graduate students and represents a major milestone in your education. It is exciting to think about all of the different ways in which graduate students communicate in their fields and to our larger community. Bronco Finish Line is here to make the process of navigating graduate writing as smooth as possible. The basic goal of our writing coaches is to prepare students for whatever challenges your program brings: class presentations, research papers, proposals, capstone and special projects, or theses and dissertations. Our coaches are here to shape you as writers and help you cross whatever writing finish line is in front of you. We will help your writing sessions be more productive and we can help you move from draft to finished product. We are here to serve you. Our work together will help you complete your journey from graduate student to published professional.

Writing Coaches

We have experienced writers on staff from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday to assist you with any stage of the writing process. Whether you have a finished document that you need help polishing, or just an idea for a project that you want to discuss, our coaches can help you.  Like all writing programs, our goal is to improve the writer, not just the writing. So we do not create content or edit documents. Rather, we ask questions that might help the writer expand or clarify an idea, or we identify patterns of style errors and teach the writer how to recognize and correct these on their own.

Sessions are 45 minutes with a limit of two sessions per week for each graduate.  Schedule an appointment with one of our writing coaches today!